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1. What is the difference between a collective account and a formal one?
Formally, the collective account receives the household registration card, while the individual account receives the household registration book. Essentially different: both individual and collective household accounts are official household accounts, which are approved by the Personnel Bureau, the Family Planning Bureau and the Public Security Bureau. But there are still differences between them. If the parents of the children are collective household registration, the children are not easy to settle down. If they have no housing, no work, etc. for a long time, the collective household registration may be cleaned up, so when they are placed in the collective household registration, it is better to transfer to the individual household registration as soon as possible.
2. Collective accounts in the talent market:
1. Population Oriented: Non-Zimbabwean Social Personnel
2、入户条件:符合人才引进入户天津条件且办理了相关落户手续。(满足以下条件之一:1、35周岁以下(含35周岁)具有普通院校全日制本科毕业学历的外省市人员。2、45周岁以下(含45周岁)具有研究生学历的外省市人员。3、50周岁以下(含50岁),本科及其研究生学历,具有高级技术职称人员 。即可办理人才引进落户。)
2. Housekeeping conditions: It meets the requirements of talent introduction to Tianjin and has gone through the relevant procedures for settling down. (Satisfies one of the following conditions: 1. Provincial and municipal personnel under 35 years of age (including 35 years of age) with full-time undergraduate degree from ordinary colleges and universities. 2. Provincial and municipal personnel under 45 years of age (including 45 years of age) with postgraduate qualifications. 3. Under 50 years old (including 50 years old), bachelor's degree and graduate's degree, with senior technical titles. That is to say, the introduction and settlement of talents. )
3. Characteristic: It can be relocated in the city and belongs to permanent Tianjin Hukou.
3. Collective Hukou of Colleges and Universities:
1. Population Orientation: Non-Zimbabwean College Students
2. Conditions for admission: Recruitment by Tianjin General Colleges and Universities
3. Characteristic: It belongs to temporary Tianjin Hukou and can not be transferred in the city.
Fourth, what are the advantages of collective household registration?
Government Advantages: Collective household registration can be used as a certificate to handle related business, such as marriage registration, identity card loss and so on.
Work advantage: For some enterprises and institutions that need household registration, the collective household registration also meets the requirements and can obtain more employment opportunities.
Benefit advantages: Tianjin citizens enjoy the same welfare benefits, including social medical insurance and unit housing provident fund.
Fifth, we need to pay attention to the following points when we move our household registration:
1. If the relocator is not the owner of the house, the original and photocopy of the owner's identity card, the written proof of consent to settle down, and the proof of relatives between the relocator and the owner of the house (e.g. the original household registration file, birth certificate, one-child certificate, employee's resume, etc.) shall be provided.
2. If the relocator is unable to attend and entrust others to handle the matter, he shall also provide the power of attorney signed by the relocator himself, the identity card of the agent and a copy thereof.
3. Where a joint ownership of a house applies for settlement with another person, a written application for consent to the settlement shall be submitted jointly by all the joint ownership owners in accordance with the principle of "one house, one household".
6. Tianjin Universities Settled in the Talent Market through Entrance Examination
Within two years after graduation, graduates from Vocational Colleges in other provinces and cities are recruited (or invested in enterprises) by employers such as organs, organizations, institutions, enterprises and private non-enterprise units in Tianjin. Social insurance is paid in accordance with the law in this city, and the last time of payment is last month or the same month. They are themselves or spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandparents and the same person. Brothers and sisters who have a legal fixed residence in Jin can apply for a formal household registration.
7. Certificate of information required for application (original and photocopy): ___________
1. Resident identity card;
2. Household registration has moved into higher vocational colleges in this city to provide collective household registration pages;
3. Graduation Certificate;
4. Copies of the business license or the code certificate of the organization of the unit in which it belongs;
5. Tianjin Social Insurance Payment Certificate. If it is employed by public institutions in Tianjin, it is necessary to provide Tianjin Public Institutions Employment Contract.
6. Other necessary materials such as Real Property Certificate, Kinship Certificate and so on.
In summary, there are many types of household registration, such as collective and individual household registration. Generally speaking, we are familiar with individual household registration, but there are differences between collective and individual household registration. The simplest way to distinguish is that the collective household registration is a household registration card, which is seldom seen in peacetime. It is different from the usual household registration.

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